The kids and I are leaving for vacation tomorrow. Finances being tight this year, and having so many kids, we are driving almost completely across the country. I’m really looking forward to it. By the end of it, I’m sure to be exhausted, but it will be so full of memories for them and me. My oldest will not be coming, he has to stay at home and work. It will be the first time without one of the kids. I knew it was coming, this growing up, becoming their own people. We as young parents get warned all the time by the seasoned that it goes fast, enjoy them while they’re young. We don’t believe, we can’t understand the reality of waking up one day with kids old enough to move out. He hasn’t offered to move out yet, and he hasn’t caused enough trouble for me to suggest it. I know that day is coming, so I’m holding my breath during this time of us all living still under one roof, because now I see. If I breathe, it will be gone.