There is a spot just off my patio where the bugs dance.  There is so often a tiny swarm of them in this spot that it seems natural for them to be there, just another inconsequential part of the scenery.  But today I fully see them and the beauty of their dance.  The movement of the bugs seems beautiful to me with its fluidity.  They are often around this season, but winter will come again, and they will not be here.

This season of my life is busy.  It feels overwhelming some days.  But there is coming a season when I will no longer have young children needing me all the time.  We will run out of days that they need dropped off at school, there will no longer be friends’ birthday parties to take them to, and no more soccer practices to sit through.  Frequently, I look forward to that, but today my throat is tight at the idea of this season being gone.