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I have been on my own for over three years.  There has been some dating, but today, there is no man in my life.  It takes some practice, some intentionality to enjoy being alone.  I cling to hope that there may be someone to share this life with some day, but that cannot be my focus.  How can I be productive, and achieve my goals if my main goal is to find a man?  Being alone is difficult, and I have a strong desire to change my situation, but so much of life is difficult.  If we spend our time attempting to change what we cannot change, we have wasted our lives.

I gave up dating for Lent.  It has been a successful experiment.  I have intentionally not looked to see if a man has a ring.  I have left the house, knowing that if I run into someone I’m interested in, I have to put them off for a little while.  It has been liberating.  By intentionally keeping dating out of my head, I’ve had a few very fascinating conversations with nice looking men, that may be single as well.  Because I wasn’t worried about impressing them, I said what I was thinking, which is often quite amusing.