I battle depression.  It’s a massacre some days, with me figuratively left in a ditch to die.  I feel run over and weak.  I know in my head that I serve a living and loving God, but it doesn’t always transfer over to my feelings.  That leads to more guilt, as if I don’t have enough to deal with.

This past week, I have fought off the negative bad thoughts by doing more yoga (love yoga!), taking a walk in the woods, spending time playing with my kids, soaking up the sunshine, eating well, drinking enough water, cleaning my house, reading my bible, praying, and chocolate.  Usually just one or two of these help stave off the voice of doom in my head, but here I am days later still morose, wishing I didn’t have to get out of bed again in the morning.

So I will have to seek counseling.  Have you ever tried it?  The thing I love most about going to see a counselor is that I can say anything.  They don’t get to judge, they aren’t some new friend I’m trying not to scare away, they listen.