I love to travel.  I have no need for a schedule, no need for definite plans, just a destination and some idea of what I want to do while I’m there.  I’ve been to many areas of the eastern US, but haven’t traveled past the Rockies.  I’m limited on funds at this point in my life, being a single mom and all, but I know that more opportunities will be open to me as my kids grow and begin to leave home.  I have never been out of the country, sorry to say.  That is one of my most passionate goals.  I’m not even completely determined as to where I’ll go on my first international trip.  I want to see Europe, but South America calls to me, and it would be easier from a cost perspective to go to Mexico.  For now, I’m content to explore the lakes and ocean beaches close to home.  I enjoy camping, which seems to be the epitome of unplanned vacation.  Grab a tent and some provisions and spend a week doing nothing.