I think I have the qualities necessary to be a celebrity.  I’m not bad to look at, I know how to speak well, and I have a decent singing voice, and can be very passionate about what I believe in.  Of course, all of this is my opinion.  I could in reality be uglier than a box of rocks and sound like a frog when I sing, but I’m not, and I don’t.

As a single mother, living a very private life, I struggle financially.  I live paycheck to paycheck; sometimes able to save a little money, but then something happens to necessitate emptying my savings.  It’s a frustrating existence at times.

And then there are the celebrities.

These people are so talented that we as a culture are willing to spend millions of dollars buying concert tickets, books, t-shirts, movie tickets, DVD’s, and all manner of merchandise to spend a moment suspended from our usual reality.  When I see the downfall of a famous person, I will not give you examples; it makes me wonder about the companies that have helped them to fame.  If I were to write to a company, maybe include a demo, and tell them that I have no desire for fame, just a desire for that one big paycheck to bankroll me and the kids for the next twenty years, would they be interested in such a non-celebrity.

Then again, no matter how it is turns out, being involved in that world would change who I am.  I enjoy being me.  I occasionally spout words of wisdom to my children, sometimes to my co-workers, and often to my friends.  The joy I gather from these moments, from knowing that I have taught someone something, or have encouraged a friend to keep on fighting the good fight is enough.  My existence doesn’t have to be in front of a spot light to be important, and maybe being put in front of a spot light would tarnish the beauty in it.